New Beginnings

And so we begin again. Learning that we are all One, I realize I am in fact writing to myself. Every lesson, every event, every person is here to help me recognize and remember.

Recognize that when I become upset, irritated, annoyed, frustrated etc I am thinking with the ego. Content is absolutely irrelevant. The body is a communication device. It's ideal state is to BE neutral. When something comes up in the body, pleasurable or not, it is only a message for us to examine.

When the body sends a negative emotion to our brain, it is important to recognize that we have the power, capability and free will to switch our thinking to the Holy Spirit. Or muddle thru ego thoughts that are always motivated to "seek and not find". It's critical not to analyze. Give the distressing emotion to Holy Spirit to manage.

This technique, and it is really just that, allows you to forgive yourself for allowing something out there to disturb your peace.

How awesome is that!
Remember that we are still at Home with God. The hardest part for me is remembering this is all a dream.


Hush, Ego Thoughts

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

“Be in this world, and not of the world”.  I have often wondered how to BE the Christed Pam, the Christ Incarnate, without being pulled into whatever distraction crosses my mind.

I am the Chooser.   Every single moment, I can choose to be the Christed Pam or the Ego Pam.   The ego is not likely to disappear but we can tell it to “hush” often.  Every time we ruminate, we are in ego.

As powerful beings, we can choose to observe whats going on around us.  We are not required to fix or correct or mend or change anything.

Jeshua says in the Course in Miracles that “forgiveness is still and quietly does nothing.  It merely looks, waits and judges not”.

Being of Christ Consciousness is inherently forgiveness.  Forgiveness and Christ Consciousness are interchangeable.

If we CHOOSE to BE our Christ Self then our task is simple.  Be still, observe, wait and judge not.

Listen for our Christed Self to give further direction.

And that is our complete and total purpose for incarnating on this Earth.

Many Blessings,





Good Evening, My Dear Ones:

I am the Christed Pam.  The Pam that shares wisdom from my Higher Self.  I wondered when I would be ready to channel only to realize I have been channeling, off and on, for many years.  The lyrics, melodies or words that came easily, came so easily they were flying off the page waiting to be shared.

We can all channel and communicate with God.  We simply need expect that we can do it.  In fact, we will manifest what we expect in this new Energy.  What we expect, we will receive.

Skeptics may suggest this is ludicrous.  Skeptics will argue that what they prayed and hoped for never became reality.

That was then and this is the NEW Earth with NEW energy and NEW possibilities we never had before.

No longer does the expression, “Been there, Done that” have any merit.  Things are not as they used to be.  Now the new energy is supporting our expectations.

Its time to EXPECT peace.  To expect JOY.  Its time to embrace cooperation instead of competition.  Cooperation enhances the connections to love and success and peace.

And so it is.





Good Morning Dear Ones,

I am pcarcangel, the Christed part of Pam, the part that has lived before and lives now.  As pcarcangel, I am the love of All That Is.

We all have a Christed part, a part that is one with every Christed individual on the planet.  Yes, that does mean there is God Energy in every being on Mother Gaia.  Even the individuals you call criminals or murderers.  There may only be a flicker of God Energy in some people but the flicker of Divine flame never extinguishes.

Our purpose on Mother Gaia, aka Earth, is to BE LOVE.  That’s it.

Yes, that is it.

Our ego will shout out repeatedly that we must be “doing” something with our life.  And our ego will be as critical of our abilities as we allow it to be.  Say “stop” to the voice that is anything but loving.

It is easy to fall into doing, doing, doing, doing….

God Energy knows it is not easy to BE LOVE 24/7 on the earth plane.  So ask for God’s help.

Guide me, Father God and Mother Gaia, in all my thoughts, words, actions, choices and decisions.  Guide me to BE LOVE




Low Energies disguised

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

It is so nice to be here with you.  And thank you, Pamela.

I wish to speak about teasing and sarcasm.  They both share the same low energy.  Thoughts, words and actions that aim to cause harm and then the speaker says “I was just kidding”, is not fun!

It demonstrates to the Universe that the speaker is living in fear, living with an insecure belief of who they really are.

We are all ONE!  When you hurt someone via these methods, you hurt us all.

Seriously reconsider patterns of behavior that are unhelpful.  Our goal, as a human species, is to raise the energies of love, compassion, joy, peace.

Harmful teasing and sarcasm are NEVER a part of the Energy of LOVE and GOD.

With Love and Compassion,





What violence really shows us

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

I have been asking Pamela to have a conversation regarding violence in the world.  It is not meant or intended to be dark.  Quite the opposite.  The goal, if you may, of this conversation is to enlighten others about the journey of loved ones who were participant to violence.

Pamela has been fascinated with murder mysteries for decades.  In the beginning, it was to understand WHY incidents of violence and murder were occurring.  In the lighter frequency, none of this matters.

We are aware that in a 3-dimensional awareness, the reason “why” is critical.  In a 3-dimensional awareness, cause, effect and why is paramount to the average citizen of Mother Gaia.  Of course, any answer to why an incidence of violence occurred is of minimal comfort to grieving loved ones.

From a lighter frequency. it is apparent that many Light-workers CHOSE to accept the challenge of being a “victim”.  A cursory review of a suspicious death cases, will show how this experience increases the level of compassion of many citizens of Mother Gaia.

For example, the possibility of early release for child sex killer, Marc Detroux, led to thousands of the Belgium populace to fill streets and protest this possibility.

Several child abduction/murder cases have resulted in legal changes to law and innovative programs to help educate and safeguard our children.  All due to the light-workers who participated in a devastating experience.

The abduction and murder of Emmet Till, a fourteen year old negro boy, created impetus for Southern black people to begin the fight for civil rights.  Again, all due to the participation of a fourteen year old Light-worker.

Sigh, what a sad world we share.   Fortunately, this is all changing.

The incidence of violent events sheds light on what’s wrong with our legal system, law enforcement institution, and political system.

Do not be afraid of these dark events.  They will dissipate and one day, disappear for good.

We are in the New God Energy where violence will become a thing of the past.


And so it is.


Change is a-coming

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

It has been a turbulent month emotionally for Pamela but the energies are settling down for her.  The New Energy coming thru affects everyone differently.  All for good cause and effect.  We are all stepping into a grand, new Energy that encourages and facilitates loving behavior.

The more each human being allows the New Energy to clear out the old and create an opening for love, the more we increase the vibration of Gaia.

Gaia is going thru this process too.  The weather changes and its effects are what we are seeing in this Now.

Human Beings tend to be more resistant to change, always fearing the worst.  But as Pamela frequently says, “you change to gain, not to lose”.   Each human being will experience Ascension when they are ready to do so.

We have glorious news that things are getting better for everyone even if a glance at world news may indicate otherwise.  Any change disrupts the status quo.  And if the status quo is corrupt, well, some human beings may fall harder than others.


In the real world, the world of God, all is well.  All is as it needs to be to facilitate the greatest good for all.

With much love,


Wait and See!

Good Morning Dear Ones:

Pamela resists writing today.  She is struggling with the release of old fears.  The old Energy of scare and loss.  I realize many people struggle with these old energies in varying degrees.

Why do you resist?  Why resist giving up “scarcity and loss”?  Are you afraid to give up the drama that ensues with the scenario of scarcity or loss?

My dear beautiful souls…please focus on the abundance around you and for you.  I know it doesn’t seem like it, but even when looking at a bank balance of $57.49, miracles can and do happen!  And your miracle will manifest even faster in the New Energy!  How incredible is that?!

Too incredible, you say?  Wait and see what happens!

With love and blessings



Dear Ones,

Sometimes you are not in charge!  I would encourage all of you to listen to your Spirit Self, your inner guide or whisper.

Pamela is endeavoring to listen 24/7 to her God Self.  She is slipping a few times into the hallucination of Earth.  It takes more than a few missteps when learning to walk.  In many ways this is similar.

You are learning to live in the new spiritual reality aka New Energy!  Be Patient with yourself as you learn like a child.  The Son of God; the spark of Divinity that you are!


Many Blessings;


Lilac infused Oxygen Molecules

Hello Dear Ones:

While stretching on the living room floor, Pamela finally paid attention to the gorgeous wafts of air floating through her balcony door.  The scent coming from the lilac bush next door was intoxicating.   She lapsed into a reverie of her brief childhood days playing  in the sunshine.  Seems like too few of those!

The Energies are fierce these past 3 days.  Lots of trauma healing.  Expanded pain in joints and muscles.   Releasing old wounds, old hurts, old traumas that keep you stuck to the old Survival Energy that anyone over 50 years of age will recognize.

Thankfully, this period of history is over.   It is time to awaken everyone to the new Energies flooding in with a vengeance.  Things will be so much easier.  There is less challenge and more compassion.  It is happening already on this planet.

Teenagers are hosting opportunities in their school for the “Dude, Be Kind” initiative.  Young people are creating new models for compassionate economics, business and politics!  Yes, there are better ways to conduct day to day affairs.

Let’s all revel in compassionate action!