My First Post

Welcome Dear Ones to my first Post in my new Blog home.   My Spirit Self and Guides have been patiently waiting for me to pursue this endeavor.

A lot is happening on the planet.  Amazing and powerful shifts in energy.  Sufficient to give me the needed nudge to share channeled material for you.  Whatever your situation, something will come forward to benefit you.

I can say that with confidence because  Mother Gaia (our planet Earth) is moving with this shift.  Mother Gaia and many Old souls, aka Lightworkers, aka Empaths are healing their old baggage.  The old belief systems and wounds found in the old energy is dissipating with each energy surge.

And with this release, the God Energy provides you with wonderful metaphysical gifts for YOU.

Every thing, every person, every animal is moving forward and has the opportunity to  increase their vibrational energy.   Every ONE is successful this time.  Every ONE is loved beyond belief as we enter and walk thru this new energy of high vibration and love.

It is very hard to give up the reigns, give up control when you have spent many years mastering and controlling your environment, your money, your career, your children.  It is part of survival-the old energy-always needing to be vigilant for the next possible crisis.  And in the old energy, there is always a next “possible crisis”.

But things are thankfully changing for the better!!!

Part of the new learning is to give up control to the God energy.  In other words, you do NOT get to decide anymore what you think is best for you.

You have had oodles of time to play with the scenario of making your own ego directed decisions. You have experienced that your mediocre, hit and miss decision making is not bringing you joy in all aspects of your life.  But you gave it a go.  A good try.

That time is done.

Its time to say and mean it that you are done deciding whats best for you.  God Energy ALWAYS has the best understanding, the best perspective of the situation.  How could you really expect to do better than God Energy!


It time to say out loud,” I give all my thoughts, words and actions on every aspect of my life, to YOU, God Energy.  And remind me when I slip up and try to take back control.”  It takes practice!

And it is so worth it.

Love and Blessings,






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