May 1 We get some Flowers

Good Afternoon, Dear Ones,

What a beautiful afternoon to play in the garden of Mother Gaia.  She is so reliable, always bringing back the tree buds, the budding annuals and yes, the little flies.  All part of the Mother Gaia ambiance that she radiates to all of you, sending her deep love for you All and wishing you would put down your chore list, stop thinking for a minute and remember the beautiful Mother Earth.  She is bursting forth with new life right now for YOU, yes YOU to enjoy.

I love this statement made by Course in Miracles student and author, Alan Cohen, who has skillfully mastered a synopsis of Course in Miracles.  No small feat.

 “Your only purpose on Earth is to make it more like Heaven.  Worry less and laugh more“. (Cohen, 2015)

“You are meant to be happy always”  The Course in Miracles reminds you over and over that you are worthy to be HAPPY!  The God Energy will bring you everything you need for that moment.  You will always have enough for each day.  And tomorrow is a new day that does not need to be planned and partitioned.

How about trusting that if u look at the present moment and the present moment surroundings, You will discover you have all you need.

God Energy wants you to be magnificently happy.  What’s the agenda?  LOL  Do you really think the God Energy has a motive other than Love for you to be happy beyond your belief.

So step into being happy.   The ego has had its chance to poo poo these ideas.  Now Choose in this moment to be Happy.  Think about what would make this particular day, happy for you.   The universe is benevolent and is always looking out for ways to make your life beautiful and serene.  And its easier to manifest in the new Energies.  Which is super exciting news for myself and other old Souls.  Because manifesting in the Old Energy was tough; even when  you did everything right, you never obtained all you desired.   Or so it seemed.

Today is a new day where we can manifest whatever we want in this New Energy.   Watch out for what happens!

Cohen A. (2015) A Course in Miracles Made Easy.  Hay House, Inc.:



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