25C and a beautiful breeze

My Dear, dear Ones,

What a blessed day!  Mother Gaia serves us another beautiful day filled with singing sparrows, rustling tree branches and lots of shade.

Its time to release all our fears and worries as we explore this new energy that offers us benevolence at every turn.  Fear and worry and dread are some characteristics of the Old Energy.  Thankfully we have moved into a new era of loving kindness, and peace.  At least, that is our potential.

We can do this.   There are two concepts one must really get!

  •  we are divine beings having an occasional human and often ego directed experience.
  •  nothing can be taken from a divine being, which is what we are!

As spiritual beings we can always REcreate anything we desire!  If it appears from a human perspective that you have lost something, your divine self is elated that you can start again.  Because this time, with your permission, your divine being will guide and direct you to build or re-create exactly what is needed for your highest benefit.  With the guidance and contribution of your entourage of angels and spirit guides, how could your new creation be anything but exceptional!

With this perspective in mind,  the concepts of scarcity and loss are tossed out with the Old Energy thoughts that no longer serve us.

Spirit wants to assist you in every way but needs your permission and your attention.  Its very easy to start a new project and let ego distract you from your objective.    The more you practice listening to your intuition ( the whispers of your divine self and angels), the better you get at listening to your God self rather than your ego self.

Its a beautiful day to start a new project!  Who do you want helping you with the perfect information, expertise and insight that best presents and serves your new endeavor? Spirit or your Ego Self?  I know who I want on my team!

And most important, make it FUN!  Life is supposed to be joyful!




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