Great Afternoon!

Hello Dear Ones!

Its so nice to be here, right now, with you.  You have little idea of your power and how you are so loved!  Loved beyond your words!

The last few days have been shaky for Pamela.  Energies are blowing, relationship dynamics are changing, each human being will awake.  Some people may choose to wait longer to awaken.  And that is their choice and use of free will.  Other people may be running for any door where the light is!  The Light!  The beautiful God Source!

Pamela creates great ideas for the blog in her alpha-theta state but alas, when she awakes, the monologue has vanished.

And that is alright!  We have no desire to follow a manuscript of how to live life! We have all read that manuscript.  The manuscript written by ego; an ego collective forms government, health systems, legal systems that like to be in control of everything.

We are moving far and away into New Energy that is easy to access creative muses, angelic guidance, Healing and nurturing, all engulfed with enormous love for you.

Everything is always, always working out for your highest good.

With peace and many blessings,



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