Time is Flying

Good afternoon, Dear Ones;

The Energies coming into the Earth are tumultuous right now and Pamela is not indifferent to the effects.  With so many planets in retrograde, setbacks abound and that can be frustrating.

I’ve been asked to share information recently disseminated by Kryon who is channeled by Lee Carroll.   It is important information and bears repeating and sharing.

New tools are available for everyone to use.  At present, we can access our internal guidance system more commonly known as “intuition”.

The benevolent change is that our intuition will slow down and extend longer! We will never doubt or wonder what was that so called random thought that breezed through our mind.  We will know with certainty that a unique thought of guidance is indeed coming from God Energy.  Its power and longevity will make it hard for us to dismiss.  We often dismiss God Energy thoughts as crazy, unsettling, or brush it off claiming you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

You are not crazy.  You are in fact, becoming more sane when you let God Energy direct your life.  That means of course, giving up control.  Something that is hard for human beings to do.  It doesn’t have to be hard though.

Let God guide you with every decision, every choice, every action and you will be astounded by what you find.

Many blessings

pc arcangel


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