Lilac infused Oxygen Molecules

Hello Dear Ones:

While stretching on the living room floor, Pamela finally paid attention to the gorgeous wafts of air floating through her balcony door.  The scent coming from the lilac bush next door was intoxicating.   She lapsed into a reverie of her brief childhood days playing  in the sunshine.  Seems like too few of those!

The Energies are fierce these past 3 days.  Lots of trauma healing.  Expanded pain in joints and muscles.   Releasing old wounds, old hurts, old traumas that keep you stuck to the old Survival Energy that anyone over 50 years of age will recognize.

Thankfully, this period of history is over.   It is time to awaken everyone to the new Energies flooding in with a vengeance.  Things will be so much easier.  There is less challenge and more compassion.  It is happening already on this planet.

Teenagers are hosting opportunities in their school for the “Dude, Be Kind” initiative.  Young people are creating new models for compassionate economics, business and politics!  Yes, there are better ways to conduct day to day affairs.

Let’s all revel in compassionate action!




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