Change is a-coming

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

It has been a turbulent month emotionally for Pamela but the energies are settling down for her.  The New Energy coming thru affects everyone differently.  All for good cause and effect.  We are all stepping into a grand, new Energy that encourages and facilitates loving behavior.

The more each human being allows the New Energy to clear out the old and create an opening for love, the more we increase the vibration of Gaia.

Gaia is going thru this process too.  The weather changes and its effects are what we are seeing in this Now.

Human Beings tend to be more resistant to change, always fearing the worst.  But as Pamela frequently says, “you change to gain, not to lose”.   Each human being will experience Ascension when they are ready to do so.

We have glorious news that things are getting better for everyone even if a glance at world news may indicate otherwise.  Any change disrupts the status quo.  And if the status quo is corrupt, well, some human beings may fall harder than others.


In the real world, the world of God, all is well.  All is as it needs to be to facilitate the greatest good for all.

With much love,



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