What violence really shows us

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

I have been asking Pamela to have a conversation regarding violence in the world.  It is not meant or intended to be dark.  Quite the opposite.  The goal, if you may, of this conversation is to enlighten others about the journey of loved ones who were participant to violence.

Pamela has been fascinated with murder mysteries for decades.  In the beginning, it was to understand WHY incidents of violence and murder were occurring.  In the lighter frequency, none of this matters.

We are aware that in a 3-dimensional awareness, the reason “why” is critical.  In a 3-dimensional awareness, cause, effect and why is paramount to the average citizen of Mother Gaia.  Of course, any answer to why an incidence of violence occurred is of minimal comfort to grieving loved ones.

From a lighter frequency. it is apparent that many Light-workers CHOSE to accept the challenge of being a “victim”.  A cursory review of a suspicious death cases, will show how this experience increases the level of compassion of many citizens of Mother Gaia.

For example, the possibility of early release for child sex killer, Marc Detroux, led to thousands of the Belgium populace to fill streets and protest this possibility.

Several child abduction/murder cases have resulted in legal changes to law and innovative programs to help educate and safeguard our children.  All due to the light-workers who participated in a devastating experience.

The abduction and murder of Emmet Till, a fourteen year old negro boy, created impetus for Southern black people to begin the fight for civil rights.  Again, all due to the participation of a fourteen year old Light-worker.

Sigh, what a sad world we share.   Fortunately, this is all changing.

The incidence of violent events sheds light on what’s wrong with our legal system, law enforcement institution, and political system.

Do not be afraid of these dark events.  They will dissipate and one day, disappear for good.

We are in the New God Energy where violence will become a thing of the past.


And so it is.



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