Low Energies disguised

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

It is so nice to be here with you.  And thank you, Pamela.

I wish to speak about teasing and sarcasm.  They both share the same low energy.  Thoughts, words and actions that aim to cause harm and then the speaker says “I was just kidding”, is not fun!

It demonstrates to the Universe that the speaker is living in fear, living with an insecure belief of who they really are.

We are all ONE!  When you hurt someone via these methods, you hurt us all.

Seriously reconsider patterns of behavior that are unhelpful.  Our goal, as a human species, is to raise the energies of love, compassion, joy, peace.

Harmful teasing and sarcasm are NEVER a part of the Energy of LOVE and GOD.

With Love and Compassion,






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