Good Morning Dear Ones,

I am pcarcangel, the Christed part of Pam, the part that has lived before and lives now.  As pcarcangel, I am the love of All That Is.

We all have a Christed part, a part that is one with every Christed individual on the planet.  Yes, that does mean there is God Energy in every being on Mother Gaia.  Even the individuals you call criminals or murderers.  There may only be a flicker of God Energy in some people but the flicker of Divine flame never extinguishes.

Our purpose on Mother Gaia, aka Earth, is to BE LOVE.  That’s it.

Yes, that is it.

Our ego will shout out repeatedly that we must be “doing” something with our life.  And our ego will be as critical of our abilities as we allow it to be.  Say “stop” to the voice that is anything but loving.

It is easy to fall into doing, doing, doing, doing….

God Energy knows it is not easy to BE LOVE 24/7 on the earth plane.  So ask for God’s help.

Guide me, Father God and Mother Gaia, in all my thoughts, words, actions, choices and decisions.  Guide me to BE LOVE





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