Good Evening, My Dear Ones:

I am the Christed Pam.  The Pam that shares wisdom from my Higher Self.  I wondered when I would be ready to channel only to realize I have been channeling, off and on, for many years.  The lyrics, melodies or words that came easily, came so easily they were flying off the page waiting to be shared.

We can all channel and communicate with God.  We simply need expect that we can do it.  In fact, we will manifest what we expect in this new Energy.  What we expect, we will receive.

Skeptics may suggest this is ludicrous.  Skeptics will argue that what they prayed and hoped for never became reality.

That was then and this is the NEW Earth with NEW energy and NEW possibilities we never had before.

No longer does the expression, “Been there, Done that” have any merit.  Things are not as they used to be.  Now the new energy is supporting our expectations.

Its time to EXPECT peace.  To expect JOY.  Its time to embrace cooperation instead of competition.  Cooperation enhances the connections to love and success and peace.

And so it is.





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