Hush, Ego Thoughts

Good Morning, Dear Ones:

“Be in this world, and not of the world”.  I have often wondered how to BE the Christed Pam, the Christ Incarnate, without being pulled into whatever distraction crosses my mind.

I am the Chooser.   Every single moment, I can choose to be the Christed Pam or the Ego Pam.   The ego is not likely to disappear but we can tell it to “hush” often.  Every time we ruminate, we are in ego.

As powerful beings, we can choose to observe whats going on around us.  We are not required to fix or correct or mend or change anything.

Jeshua says in the Course in Miracles that “forgiveness is still and quietly does nothing.  It merely looks, waits and judges not”.

Being of Christ Consciousness is inherently forgiveness.  Forgiveness and Christ Consciousness are interchangeable.

If we CHOOSE to BE our Christ Self then our task is simple.  Be still, observe, wait and judge not.

Listen for our Christed Self to give further direction.

And that is our complete and total purpose for incarnating on this Earth.

Many Blessings,





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