New Beginnings

And so we begin again. Learning that we are all One, I realize I am in fact writing to myself. Every lesson, every event, every person is here to help me recognize and remember.

Recognize that when I become upset, irritated, annoyed, frustrated etc I am thinking with the ego. Content is absolutely irrelevant. The body is a communication device. It's ideal state is to BE neutral. When something comes up in the body, pleasurable or not, it is only a message for us to examine.

When the body sends a negative emotion to our brain, it is important to recognize that we have the power, capability and free will to switch our thinking to the Holy Spirit. Or muddle thru ego thoughts that are always motivated to "seek and not find". It's critical not to analyze. Give the distressing emotion to Holy Spirit to manage.

This technique, and it is really just that, allows you to forgive yourself for allowing something out there to disturb your peace.

How awesome is that!
Remember that we are still at Home with God. The hardest part for me is remembering this is all a dream.


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