Time is Flying

Good afternoon, Dear Ones;

The Energies coming into the Earth are tumultuous right now and Pamela is not indifferent to the effects.  With so many planets in retrograde, setbacks abound and that can be frustrating.

I’ve been asked to share information recently disseminated by Kryon who is channeled by Lee Carroll.   It is important information and bears repeating and sharing.

New tools are available for everyone to use.  At present, we can access our internal guidance system more commonly known as “intuition”.

The benevolent change is that our intuition will slow down and extend longer! We will never doubt or wonder what was that so called random thought that breezed through our mind.  We will know with certainty that a unique thought of guidance is indeed coming from God Energy.  Its power and longevity will make it hard for us to dismiss.  We often dismiss God Energy thoughts as crazy, unsettling, or brush it off claiming you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

You are not crazy.  You are in fact, becoming more sane when you let God Energy direct your life.  That means of course, giving up control.  Something that is hard for human beings to do.  It doesn’t have to be hard though.

Let God guide you with every decision, every choice, every action and you will be astounded by what you find.

Many blessings

pc arcangel


Great Afternoon!

Hello Dear Ones!

Its so nice to be here, right now, with you.  You have little idea of your power and how you are so loved!  Loved beyond your words!

The last few days have been shaky for Pamela.  Energies are blowing, relationship dynamics are changing, each human being will awake.  Some people may choose to wait longer to awaken.  And that is their choice and use of free will.  Other people may be running for any door where the light is!  The Light!  The beautiful God Source!

Pamela creates great ideas for the blog in her alpha-theta state but alas, when she awakes, the monologue has vanished.

And that is alright!  We have no desire to follow a manuscript of how to live life! We have all read that manuscript.  The manuscript written by ego; an ego collective forms government, health systems, legal systems that like to be in control of everything.

We are moving far and away into New Energy that is easy to access creative muses, angelic guidance, Healing and nurturing, all engulfed with enormous love for you.

Everything is always, always working out for your highest good.

With peace and many blessings,


25C and a beautiful breeze

My Dear, dear Ones,

What a blessed day!  Mother Gaia serves us another beautiful day filled with singing sparrows, rustling tree branches and lots of shade.

Its time to release all our fears and worries as we explore this new energy that offers us benevolence at every turn.  Fear and worry and dread are some characteristics of the Old Energy.  Thankfully we have moved into a new era of loving kindness, and peace.  At least, that is our potential.

We can do this.   There are two concepts one must really get!

  •  we are divine beings having an occasional human and often ego directed experience.
  •  nothing can be taken from a divine being, which is what we are!

As spiritual beings we can always REcreate anything we desire!  If it appears from a human perspective that you have lost something, your divine self is elated that you can start again.  Because this time, with your permission, your divine being will guide and direct you to build or re-create exactly what is needed for your highest benefit.  With the guidance and contribution of your entourage of angels and spirit guides, how could your new creation be anything but exceptional!

With this perspective in mind,  the concepts of scarcity and loss are tossed out with the Old Energy thoughts that no longer serve us.

Spirit wants to assist you in every way but needs your permission and your attention.  Its very easy to start a new project and let ego distract you from your objective.    The more you practice listening to your intuition ( the whispers of your divine self and angels), the better you get at listening to your God self rather than your ego self.

Its a beautiful day to start a new project!  Who do you want helping you with the perfect information, expertise and insight that best presents and serves your new endeavor? Spirit or your Ego Self?  I know who I want on my team!

And most important, make it FUN!  Life is supposed to be joyful!



May 1 We get some Flowers

Good Afternoon, Dear Ones,

What a beautiful afternoon to play in the garden of Mother Gaia.  She is so reliable, always bringing back the tree buds, the budding annuals and yes, the little flies.  All part of the Mother Gaia ambiance that she radiates to all of you, sending her deep love for you All and wishing you would put down your chore list, stop thinking for a minute and remember the beautiful Mother Earth.  She is bursting forth with new life right now for YOU, yes YOU to enjoy.

I love this statement made by Course in Miracles student and author, Alan Cohen, who has skillfully mastered a synopsis of Course in Miracles.  No small feat.

 “Your only purpose on Earth is to make it more like Heaven.  Worry less and laugh more“. (Cohen, 2015)

“You are meant to be happy always”  The Course in Miracles reminds you over and over that you are worthy to be HAPPY!  The God Energy will bring you everything you need for that moment.  You will always have enough for each day.  And tomorrow is a new day that does not need to be planned and partitioned.

How about trusting that if u look at the present moment and the present moment surroundings, You will discover you have all you need.

God Energy wants you to be magnificently happy.  What’s the agenda?  LOL  Do you really think the God Energy has a motive other than Love for you to be happy beyond your belief.

So step into being happy.   The ego has had its chance to poo poo these ideas.  Now Choose in this moment to be Happy.  Think about what would make this particular day, happy for you.   The universe is benevolent and is always looking out for ways to make your life beautiful and serene.  And its easier to manifest in the new Energies.  Which is super exciting news for myself and other old Souls.  Because manifesting in the Old Energy was tough; even when  you did everything right, you never obtained all you desired.   Or so it seemed.

Today is a new day where we can manifest whatever we want in this New Energy.   Watch out for what happens!

Cohen A. (2015) A Course in Miracles Made Easy.  Hay House, Inc.: http://www.hayhouse.com


An Afternoon Blog

The Course of Miracles states, “Perception is a mirror, not a FACT.  And what I look on is my state of mind reflected outward”.

In other words, If I perceive a person filled with resentment, then the Course argues that I am filled with resentment too!

Each person you meet demonstrates to you, in real time, your state of mind.

Sceptical?  Of course you are.  You would not be reading this blog otherwise.

But if we go out on a limb and agree with the principal, it will give us feedback about the state of our life right now.

Do you love your life in this moment?  Bravo.  Keep doing what you are doing.

If there areas of your life that could use some improvement, then consider what the God Energy does all the time.  Love.  God Energy is always striving to bring the highest good to you thru avenues of love.

If you are loving in all your interactions, you will remarkably experience how other people begin to change their behavior to align with yours.  Because Love is the most powerful vibration you can share.   And people are always drawn to a powerful vibration.

Think about how your next loving interaction will not only make your day but blow the socks of another person’s day.

Love and Peace



My First Post

Welcome Dear Ones to my first Post in my new Blog home.   My Spirit Self and Guides have been patiently waiting for me to pursue this endeavor.

A lot is happening on the planet.  Amazing and powerful shifts in energy.  Sufficient to give me the needed nudge to share channeled material for you.  Whatever your situation, something will come forward to benefit you.

I can say that with confidence because  Mother Gaia (our planet Earth) is moving with this shift.  Mother Gaia and many Old souls, aka Lightworkers, aka Empaths are healing their old baggage.  The old belief systems and wounds found in the old energy is dissipating with each energy surge.

And with this release, the God Energy provides you with wonderful metaphysical gifts for YOU.

Every thing, every person, every animal is moving forward and has the opportunity to  increase their vibrational energy.   Every ONE is successful this time.  Every ONE is loved beyond belief as we enter and walk thru this new energy of high vibration and love.

It is very hard to give up the reigns, give up control when you have spent many years mastering and controlling your environment, your money, your career, your children.  It is part of survival-the old energy-always needing to be vigilant for the next possible crisis.  And in the old energy, there is always a next “possible crisis”.

But things are thankfully changing for the better!!!

Part of the new learning is to give up control to the God energy.  In other words, you do NOT get to decide anymore what you think is best for you.

You have had oodles of time to play with the scenario of making your own ego directed decisions. You have experienced that your mediocre, hit and miss decision making is not bringing you joy in all aspects of your life.  But you gave it a go.  A good try.

That time is done.

Its time to say and mean it that you are done deciding whats best for you.  God Energy ALWAYS has the best understanding, the best perspective of the situation.  How could you really expect to do better than God Energy!


It time to say out loud,” I give all my thoughts, words and actions on every aspect of my life, to YOU, God Energy.  And remind me when I slip up and try to take back control.”  It takes practice!

And it is so worth it.

Love and Blessings,